Clear vision plays an integral role in your child’s development. Children rely on their vision to help them learn, so an undiagnosed or untreated vision problem could impair their ability to learn effectively.

Regular eye exams allow your child’s optometrist to detect, track, and treat subtle changes in your child’s vision and eye health. To help ensure your child gets the care they need when they need it, the team at Erie Shores Eyecare works hard to keep wait times for eye exams short.

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Vision Problems in Children

Young children, in particular, aren’t always able to tell us that something is wrong, and may not even realize that they’re experiencing vision problems. That’s why parents and caregivers need to watch for signs of vision problems.

If your child develops a vision or eye health problem, it’s critical that it is identified and treated as soon as possible. Untreated vision problems can hinder your child’s development and impact their ability to learn.

Common Signs of Vision Problems in Kids

Your child might be experiencing vision problems if they:

  • Have a misaligned eye
  • Squint frequently
  • Sit too close to the whiteboard or TV
  • Often rub their eyes or blink excessively
  • Avoid near activities such as reading and detailed tasks
  • Need to use their finger to guide them while reading
  • Frequently lose their place while reading
  • Complain of frequent headaches, blurry vision, or double vision
  • Frequently tilt their head to one side
  • Regularly cover one eye

If you suspect that your child is experiencing problems with their vision, you should book an appointment with their optometrist as soon as possible.

Children’s Eye Exam Schedule

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that children undergo their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 9 months old, and have their second exam between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

Once your child begins school, they should have their eyes examined at least once per year.

Depending on your child’s unique eye health and visual needs, their optometrist may suggest that they have their eyes examined more frequently.

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We Participate in Eye See… Eye Learn

Erie Shores Optometry is proud to participate in the Eye See… Eye Learn program. This provincially administered government program is designed to ensure that all junior kindergarten children in Ontario undergo a comprehensive eye exam with a local, participating optometrist before they begin grade 1. The cost of the exam is covered by OHIP.

Children that require glasses are provided with a pair in their prescription free of charge. For more information, please speak to your optometrist.